Golf Apparel Starter for Beginners

Golf apparel and accessories are the vital items that you would need to invest in, other than the basics like clubs, golf balls, and bags. Major items include clothing and accessories that help you play more conveniently. Some of these items are specialized and need to be purchased, while some can be something that’s already part of your belongings like a sports watch, a sweatshirt, and a polo shirt set. To get you started, here’s a simple guide on how to look like a pro when playing golf:


Tiger Woods Masters Golf ClothingIf there’s something good about choosing golf as a new hobby, it’s the simple fashion associated with the sport. You can wear almost anything, as long as you are adhering to the club’s dress code. There is no distinct dress code for this sport, so you can simply come in your pants and long sleeved polo top. This is one of the main advantages of golf, since the clothing can be something smart casual. Aside from the basic polo shirt style top and pants, other golf apparel essentials include sweatshirt, and other exterior clothing for extra protection against extreme weather conditions.


Shoes are very important golf apparel for every player. A pair of shoes is vital in creating a powerful stroke, since it helps in providing balance and stability. Most golfers wear shoes with soft spikes because harder spikes are not allowed in most cases; the latter is quite damaging to the grass. These spikes can be made of either plastic or metal, and are intended to improve traction (thus assisting the golfer to keep balance throughout the swing, whether he or she is on a wet environment or on greens). Some brands offer spike-less golf shoes, to prevent golfers from incessantly replacing their shoes’ metal spikes.


Socks are as essential to golf shoes as they would be to any sports footwear. Through the years, socks have turned out to be a vital part of golf attire, mostly because the components in fibres assist in keeping the player secure and his feet, feeling dry. Golf socks usually come in an array of designs. A lot of golfers who prefer wearing shorts prefer ankle-length socks that are hardly noticeable above the shoes. However, more conventional tube socks are allowed.


Golf hats are typically not a key part of the dress code, but there are specific headgears appropriate when playing golf. Visors or hats typically used in baseball, for both men and women, are most commonly worn by golfers. Their main purpose is to help prevent too much sun exposure. A variety of straw hats, known as Ben Hogan hats, also are allowed. Examples of inappropriate headgears include fedora hats, cowboy hats, gag hats, and beanie caps.

Women’s Golf Wear

Typically, women are required to wear sleeved tops and blouses or sleeveless tops that are collared. The most widely used top for female players is the collared shirt, polo style. These collared tops usually come in various designs and styles like v-neck, button down, and even zip-top, in either long or short sleeves. Besides plain collared tees, there are also other designs including multi-colored mesh tops, available from different sports brands. Turtleneck blouses are also usually accepted in most golf courses. Unsuitable tops for playing golf include halters and T-shirts.

Golf Apparel

Sweaters and Jackets

Wearing layered outfits is commonly practiced in golf, by both men and women. Outerwear like blazer, sweater or vest worn over a polo or turtleneck is commonly seen during cold days. Button down shirts and crocheted vests can also be worn as additional layer. Denim sweatshirts or jackets are considered unacceptable.


During the early spring or fall, long pants or slacks are most frequently worn by women when playing golf. During warmer weather, shorts or cropped pants are advised as long as they are knee length or longer. Dresses and skorts are also good choices for women. Sun dresses, jeans, sweats or sports pants are considered unacceptable

Some golf apparel might cost a lot, especially when you’re a first-time player. Fortunately, there are some ways on how to efficiently shop for your sportswear. First, you need to consider discounts and promos in sports shops. During end of season, most shops offer discounts as much as 50% off. In addition, a lot of online shops also offer year-round promos for buyers. This is more convenient, especially if you don’t have enough time to visit physical stores.

Second, you can also buy in bulk. In some online shops, buying a certain number of items entitles a buyer to a discount on the next item, or so. You can ask your friends to buy with you, so you can enjoy economies of scale. Moreover, always buy separate, individual items so you can just mix and match them later. For accessories such as visors, sunglasses, gloves and belts, you can just purchase one of each, and grow your collection gradually as the years pass.

With ever increasing number of online shops that specialize in offering sporting goods, buying golf wear isn’t a problem anymore. The categories, products, styles, and designs are conveniently arranged in a way, where you can just browse through everything with just a few clicks. You can even enjoy promos like free shipping, discounts, and more. It would also help to ask other professional players for advice, particularly on where to purchase the best golf equipment and apparel. has a large collection of golf apparel and golf clothing at discount prices!