Getting published

It is every single writer’s dream to get published, but this dream is only fulfilled by a select few. While it is a common belief that a published author is a better writer than an unpublished author in reality being published only means that the novel the writer produced came with a better sales pitch … Continue reading Getting published »

The art of description

Description is one of the fundamentals of writing and storytelling. It sets time and place, it builds character, it provides mood, tension, and suspense, it adds plausibility, and deepens thematic exploration. All of the above happen to be key in turning a novel from a written tale into a fully developed world in the reader’s … Continue reading The art of description »

Beta 101

Is it hard for you to decide if you like what you’ve written? Do you have a hard time judging what need polishing and what just doesn’t make sense in your writing? Do you want fresh opinion on your writing? I know I sure do! But I also know that a beta is the answer … Continue reading Beta 101 »